2014年9月8日 星期一

The most awesome trip ever
By: Kirey Maryam

The excitement and curiosity flowed inside me as I thought about China. It got even more exciting one day as there was an announcement about a five-day school trip to Lijiang in China in the school’s morning assembly; and just like that, I registered quickly with my younger sister to the teachers in
charge of the trip registration!

Lijiang , i’d say, is the best place to start your first trip in China, since it has very spectacular scenery!
On the first day, we went to a local primary school. Around the school were a lot of houses that were built mostly stones and rocks besides cement and I think it’s eco-friendly as they make use of it from the mountains . After finally getting inside the school gate, we saw that the school were quite
modern. The elementary kids all wore simple red ribbons; very similar to scout or sailor ties, as a school uniform. Ms. CC brought the bracelet-making kit there for us to teach other kids to make their own rubber band bracelet! It was a lot of fun.

After that, we went to Xuhe ancient town. It didn’t look very ancient as it had become a bit commercialized , but the architecture of the buildings and pretty flowers and trees takes the cake! The shops all had vibrant goods and unique native accessories that were made by hand. I bought a post
card pack and a pretty cool fish-shaped bag! It was worth it,really, as I couldn’t find anything as unique as this because I can only usually find factory-made goods in Hong Kong. The further we went inside the town, the more we saw interesting sights. The water that flowed in the stream was so
clear and calm, I could even see the trees being reflected in the surface of the water like a mirror. You could even see the algae right through the water!

Last stop were the museum and the black dragon pool. The scenery was unbelievably magnificent, like those sceneries you see at a postcard or paintings! The blue sky and mountains were like the backdrop of a picture of the white bridge. When we went inside the museum, we saw a lot of
dongba pictograms and the meaning of each pictograms. when lined, it usually tells a story , similar to a comic. Apparently they also sell antiques and pictograms scrolls, amazing! Not long after, we proceeded to the Black Dragon pool. The ‘Black Dragon pool’, as written in the information
board along the way,’ is the cradle of Dongba Religion, where ceremony of honoring the nature god shu ,were held. The naxi people consistently uphold a primitive Shangrila spiritharmony between human and nature’.We spent the rest of the day taking lots of photos and before ending the day, Anggie and I went to a ten-dollar shop; the rest waited for us in the bus because we took a bit too long there and also got too fascinated by the shop, though I was the one dragging her there!

On the second day, we went to walk around 5 miles in the Tiger Leap Gorge after a few hours drive there. My backpack was so heavy I had a hard time walking and catching up! The river which is part of the big Yangtze river in the gorge is called the ‘Golden Sand river’, which I think pretty sums up
the description of the river! We had a long walk until we reached the end of the path,where we saw the raging rivers crashing against giant rocks in the middle of the river. We had to walk back to the site though, as it is a one-way path.

Before proceeding to the first bend of the Yangtze river,we went to the Shigu town- also called the Stone Drum town. We saw an enormous statue of a Red Army military and an ethnic man holding hands.Since it was also a strategic military area ,it also holds a historical event about the Red
Army that crossed the Yangtze river. After that, we took group photo at the first bend of the famous Yangtze river. Lastly, we went to a bonus place- the Laishi Lake. It almost seemed like paradise, as there were hordes of horses and groups of ducks, along with beautiful scenery of the lake and

On the third day, we all wore thick clothing as we were about to ascend the snowy Jade Dragon snow mountain. It almost seemed as if we were in the Alps mountains, but in China! Next, we went to the old town of Lijiang to go shopping. It’s unfortunate the town had been a bit westernized but you can
still see the beautifully-preserved architecture of the buildings! Before ending the day, we attended a traditional Naxi musical. It made my night really memorable!
On the fourth day- which is also our last day of the trip, we woke up early enough to watch the sun rising in Lijiang old town. Everyone woke up really early just to see this- I really felt fascinated.

Last but not least , I would like to thank Mr.A.F and Ms.C.C in making this trip- or better-fitted, adventure- to go smoothly and enjoyable for us all. I hope I can go on another adventurein the future!


2014年7月23日 星期三

2014年7月18日 星期五

By: Aveneina Anggie
Never thought that travelling to China would be so wonderful, I guess I should have look up more to the local tourist sport before spending lots of money just to travel to European countries and we can take a better understanding about different the ethnics in China.
Lijiang, in Yunnan, is a really wonderful place to visit.
There are so many places you can visit here, like the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Black Dragon Pool, Yufeng temple, Lugu Lake and Old Town of Lijiang that is one of the UNESCO heritage site.
We were planning for only 4 days and 4 nights for the trip, although the weather condition on our last day made us take another night in Lijiang. So on the first day we went visit a local school uphill far from the city. We played and interacted with the local primary students there. They speak mandarin and absolutely no Basic English, so it was difficult for me to communicate with them in English.  Then we went to the Black Dragon Pool to visit the local museum and stroll a bit until quite late.
Then the next day we walked 5.2 km for the Tiger Leaping Gorge. It was quite I walk but I don’t feel tired at al as the views in the area was so refreshing and we had plenty of joyful talk during the walk. After lunch time we wen to my favorite place in Lijiang which is the Lugu Lake! We had to pay extra for the place but we didn’t regret it at all. The view was just so wonderful! The local people let their horses just freely relax and grazed around the lake. They also provide little canoes for the tourist for crossing the lake. It was just so great I could not actually describe how amazing the Lugu Lake was!
On our third day we went for hiking at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and went for the shopping at the Old Town of Lijiang after dinner. And exactly on that night I found my favorite store to most likely spend my money on! Toys and K-pop store! Although the Town is very traditional they also have the sense of modernization on what I am not expected so far. Because Lijiang, I believe they don’t really take westernization that much but seems like near that are they rely most on the industrialization and tourism.
For the last day we spent by waking up very early to see the Sunrise at the highest place on the Old Town of Lijiang. This experience was so memorable for everyone and I could say our teacher because we actually did not expect that each of us would wake up on time just to watch the sun rises.
This trip is my last trip with IKTMC as I am finally going to my last year at secondary school. I was hoping that my last trip would be very memorable and wonderful. Well I guess my hope came true. Many thanks to my wonderful teachers, Ms. CC and Mr. AF in making my hope came true.
This trip is totally “ An Experience To Remember”.

Can't contain my laughter seeing Mr. Andy's expression here! hahhaha !!!

Day 2    Tiger Leap Gorge,
              The First Bend of Yangtze,
              and the charming Laishi Lake